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Sustainable, Automated, Cost-Effective Transit


Swift offers the world's most attractive and exciting automated people movers (APMs). Unobstructed views of the landscape below can best be experienced in suspended coach APMs. The supersmooth ride provides unparalleled comfort through curves as the coach naturally tilts to maintain passenger equilibrium.


Swift coaches can carry up to 25 passengers and are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. For very rapid boarding, Swift coaches accommodate bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs and luggage through four large doors.


Swift APM coach

Swift automated people movers are Clean, operating on electricity with no local carbon pollution or emissions

The quick-to-install fixed guideway puts Swift in a class of its own - providing full transit capabilities on a lightweight, standardized selection of infrastructure components. The non-proprietary guideway is infinitely scalable and can accommodate many other conveyances, including cargo and dual-mode technologies.

Drive bogies carry and propel the coaches. The bogies are concealed inside the guideway, safely out of the weather and out of sight. They are semi-autonomous and respond to simple commands sent from the control center, thus easing the burden on the systemwide communications network.